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What Color Is Light?

What Color Is Light?

written by: Fay Marmalich-Vietmeier



When you look at a person
What do you see?
Are they big or small?
Are they short or tall?
Are they black or white?
Are they wrong, or right?
Are they young or old?
Within their years, what pearls unfold?

Is a person “bad” or “good”?
This is not easily understood.
Does the color of one’s skin …
reveal the person deep within?
Does color make you want to fight
Does color make you “wrong or right”
What color is Light?

The color of skin is a repeated, wrongful excuse.
Historically & politically distorted with MISUSE

Does the color of the skin
… reflect the Light within?
Nothing is hidden from God’s sight.
He knows the quality of your light.

Do you offer peace or do you love to fight?
Is “wrong” your song … is your anarchy, right?
Do you know the devil lures you to sing in the night.
Looting, robbing & BREAKING
Is this the path of PEACE-making?
In truth, you are JUSTICE … forsaking.

How does hate begin?
Hate will never win
Hate is inward sin
Hate is LIARS twin
When BIAS leads the way
Reason always goes astray

Where does seeing skin-color start?
The ROOT is in the human HEART
A hole begins within your SOUL
… that you may not even know.
The mind can be BLIND …
when TRUTH it refuses to find.
And POWER is a greedy tower
Exerting force in every hour
Unknowing people it will DEVOUR

This veil of darkness echoes in time
UNDERSTANDING shifts the paradigm

If love & right is your delight
Then you are walking in the LIGHT

You will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold out the WORD of life” – Phil 2

Righteousness knows no color or creed
What paint brush … for a person in need?
Colors paint inside our head
FEAR and hate are fueling dread
Violence spreads and blood is shed
Be careful, that your heart is not mislead
Be careful, with lawlessness, do NOT be wed
Be careful … the lack of WISDOM is widespread

Love is as LOVE does
Hate is as HATE does
The heart is revealed by its roots
“You will know them by their fruits”

Love makes us UNITED … hate makes us UNTIED
BEWARE the spirit you follow … hate is allied with pride
Be aware, God sees … intentions from Him cannot HIDE
All the wrongs done are injustice … in Your bottle, are all the tears cried
Make sure you are singing the right song … singing on the right side

Who gets to CHOOSE their color of skin
Or the length of their shin
Or the shape of their grin
Or the day they are born
Or from this life they are torn
Or the deck of LIFE-cards they are dealt
Or the refining furnace in which they are smelt
Or the number of hairs on their head
Or the number of tears they will shed
What is said cannot be unsaid
Blood is always red
Dead is always dead
Humanity is woven with the same thread

Can you put on Son-glasses & see a new way?
Leave the fray … open your heart and pray
Real REFORM … truly begins in your heart
Healing division & strife … this is Divine Art
HARMONY paints the colors in rainbows apart.
Into each color, beauty, glory & peace God imparts.

Human beings are like radiant RAINBOWS
Mystery & complexity … so many unknowns
But know this: in LIFE you will reap what you sow.

What color is LOVE?
Look-up, it’s GOD above
God determines right
God’s color is LIGHT

Light consists of goodness, righteousness & Truth” – Ephesians 5

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