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Sorry, My Daughter…

Sorry, My Daughter…

written by: Nishand Venugopal



Sorry, my daughter, it’s a bad world out there,
Every day the news that I hear, make me shiver,
Helplessness and anger over the injustice delivered,
To young minds and bodies for what they have suffered…

Any punishment would be very less for the accused in this case,
As the harm caused to the victims will never leave their face,
Trust is lost as protectors turn to predators,
Miss the tender souls most is the respect they should have in their favour…

The Dark Hands engulf their life forever,
Little they knew when they hold them with faith,
Innocent minds dragged into the dungeons of pervert’s sewer,
It is unfortunate as they are the one who gets consumed by hate…

You can blame anyone and anything for these acts,
But can’t turn away from the facts,
Severe punishment may instill fear,
But will this deter the animal who is ready to tear…

Build the strength inside you, my dear,
If you have to follow your dreams without fear,
A touch, comment or look may turn you miserable,
But fight them and make yourself able,
It’s a struggle that you have to meet with grit,
I will pray you will turn for these labours fit.

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