A MOTHER'S PRAYER by William T Fearby at Spillwords.com



written by:  William T Fearby


Goodnight my sweet love rest in peace
This cruel world has signed your release
No more suffering for you my sweetness
You are in a much better place I guess

No more heroin pumping through your veins
No more waking up covered in vomit stains
You chased the dragon one too many times
This is how god makes you pay for your crimes

At least now you can’t suffer
those nightmares again
At least you are at peace
we are the ones who are in pain
Everybody tried to help you
but you just wouldn’t listen
Now your face is all twisted
your eyes no longer glisten

You were such a handsome boy
before the drugs took control
You were everything to me
you were my heart and my soul
Now you will sit with the angels
on a distant cloud up high
And look down on us all
as our sad lives slowly pass by

Why didn’t you listen to us
we miss you my darling little boy
When you were given to us by god
you were our pride and joy
I hate you for what you did to us
but I love you with all my heart
I never thought that we would end this way
With you and I worlds apart

I only hope you have found happiness
god knows you have tried
All the times you said that you were happy
I know now that you lied
It was always the drugs with you
they made you so sad and insecure
When you told us you had kicked the drugs
we were never really very sure

Your dad and I don’t know what to do
you were all that we had
Now we will never see you get married
or watch you become a dad
The drugs took you away from us
for that I can never ever forgive
I would give up my life and everything
I own just to see you live


(C)@william t fearby

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