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September Rain

September Rain

written by: William T Fearby


I met you in September it was raining heavy I recall
you were waiting for a Bus outside the Village hall
I couldn’t take my eyes off you standing there all dripping wet
the rain was dripping off your nose a picture I can’t forget

I asked you if you had been waiting long, what time is the bus due
you turned around and said to me what bus, I’m waiting here for you
we stood and talked for what seemed like hours, we had no sense of time
you told me all about your wonderful life and I told you all about mine

and then we exchanged addresses and arranged to meet up again
and laughed and joked and said next time I hope it does’t rain
all the way home we chatted as though we knew each other all our life
I told you I was a fighter pilot you said that you were a midwife

we dated for five whole days they were the best days I ever had
I said goodbye to you outside your house, being spied on by your dad
I promised you I would come back to you and love you for ever more
I kissed and held you tightly and told you I have to go fight this war

you held on to me tightly and said, I don’t ever want to let you go
it took me so long to find you there is so much more I need to know
the September rain was falling as I turned and walked away
I looked back for a brief moment and wished that I could stay

I wrote you many letters but didn’t know if they got through
all around me the war raged on all I could think about was you
and about when I could take you into my arms once more again
like I did the first time I meet you in that September rain

four years passed bye so slowly but my heart still felt the pain
of the day that I left you there crying in that September rain
I made my way to the village hall where we very first met
and saw you standing there waiting both our eyes were wet

I promised I would never leave you I would always be by your side
and told you how much I loved you and the feelings I cannot hide
I took you into my arms and the spark lit the flame again
like the first day that we meet in that September rain

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