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Nor War, Nor Peace

written by: Rashmi Malapur Jaswal



A barrage of thoughts distract and heckle my mind,
Thoughts pulling me and fighting for my attention,
Pulling me in different directions.

These racing thoughts are maddening,
When you step in front of me, suddenly,
And hold me tight.
I stand still without a fight.
Not an iota of restlessness now.

Then again as I settle into this divinity.
Thoughts knock me down and I shirk you away,
To depart from you.

The whole day passes with this hide and seek.
When the day ends with the realization that nothing is permanent;
Nor war, nor peace!!!

Rashmi Malapur Jaswal

Rashmi Malapur Jaswal

I was born in Mumbai, India. I've contributed to anthologies like Taj Mahal Review, The Inklinks, Permanent Travelers Vol 4 and Let Them Recite. I contribute regularly to the site Destiny Poets founded by Louis Kasatkin. Finding solace in the company of words, poems are my first love. A blogger and content writer by profession, a poet by heart, I see poetry in each moment of life. Writing is beyond passion for me, it is my life. I am a vagabond who hates to feel and get settled in life.
Rashmi Malapur Jaswal

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