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Evie S



written by: Ricarda Rammer


“What is your grandest dream?”
To be outside when the first snow falls.

“No, it needs to be bigger than this!”
To wake up to the soft purrs of my cat.

“Your dreams are too minuscule. You lack ambition.”
Who are you to tell me my dreams are too small? Am I not allowed to thrive for the mundane? To reach for ceiling lights instead of stars?

Why should dreams be big and grand and life-changing? Sometimes, even the moon dreams of becoming a flower.

So why can’t I dream of simpler things?

Don’t accuse me of lacking ambition. I am content with the creases on my couch and familiar laughter.

You can have your grand dreams, your once-in-a-million chances, your fairy-tale life. I’ll continue to forget to water my plants and continue to buy new ones with the same promise on my tongue over and over again.

Let me dream of small things. Let me be a flower instead of a moon. I promise I’ll do good too.

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