With All Their Scars, a poem by Jeff Flesch at Spillwords.com
Jonny Gios

With All Their Scars

With All Their Scars

written by: Jeff Flesch



they say, life
is a performance
of sorts, played out
on the background of
perceived solidity

young children,
learning quickly
to perform
for their peers,
and parents, to
keep people away
from the true self,
underneath all the clay

scarred, bruised,
and broken,
the days, turn into
nights, and once again
we find fright, and
all the demons we
carry inside

moments go by,
then days,
and years,
and in the process,
we forget
all about
our one true test

to remember,
the self we were given,
not the one created
to keep the pain
at bay,
and the people
out of our way

this truth,
takes a lifetime,

and, yes

we lose
some along the way,
yet, we can become
beacons of hope
for others on their
journey each day


being there,
loving them as they
are, and by
accepting them
with all their scars

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