The Last Dance by written H.M. Gautsch at

The Last Dance

The Last Dance

written by: H.M. Gautsch



The day we met.
Instant attraction,
The sparks remain in flight.
I can’t deny you.
I’m your type,
And you’re my kind of guy.

So why do we fear,
Of what’s right in front of us?
Fear of love and our love of fear,
Due to our own battle scars and cuts.
Let us open these wounds,
Be vulnerable together.

Can you imagine?
Any other picture perfect love affair?
Let my confidence speak.
I can be the best you’ve had,
And you for me.

The understanding and communication,
Of our personal demons,
Goes afar across the seas.
And around the world.
Let’s conquer and overcome as one.

Believe me when I tell you who I see,
When I look right through you.
Balance the emotional,
and sexual healing,
With intellectual revealing.

Game of chance,
Let me have the last dance.

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