H.M. Gautsch

Canoe, micropoetry written by H.M. Gautsch at Spillwords.com


Canoe written by: H.M. Gautsch @GautschHM   Life has its own path. I canoe mine down river, ever so gracefully. Acceptance, people lack as they lau...
Light, a poem written by H.M. Gautsch at Spillwords.com


Light written by: H.M. Gautsch @GautschHM   I want to be the light at the end of your tunnel. I want to be your clear blue sky at the end of your st...
H.M. Gautsch

H.M. Gautsch

H.M. "Marie" Gautsch (1986-Present) was born in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. She grew up in Wisconsin her whole life and still resides in Madison, Wisconsin. Marie committed ten and a half years with the United States Armed Forces serving in the Wisconsin Army National Guard and the Army Reserves with one full tour supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom where she was based in Taji, Iraq in 2006-2007. She has an Associate's degree in Culinary Management and is in progress of working towards her second college degree in Visual Communications. Some of her hobbies include painting, photography, writing fan fictions, and producing music scores and instrumentals. Some of her interests include philosophy, psychology, traveling, ancient history, Greek Mythology, and Native American history.