The Pool Of Darkness, a poem written by H.M. Gautsch at

The Pool Of Darkness

The Pool Of Darkness

written by: H.M. Gautsch



I hate feeling trapped in the moment
of nothingness and stillness,
even though I’m so close to the edge
of all sorts of possibilities

the adrenaline races
my veins pump the energy
my whole fucking body shaking,
searching for a distraction
to taste… to feel… to hold…
so I can ground this high
yet, I despise the attention

But an attempt as I bleed
these words cutting like a sword
to keep afloat
from this pool of darkness

I’m drowning in my thoughts
I tread these wicked waters
before I sink myself in the deep end
for I’ve exhausted any other efforts
of this current mindset
curiosity wanders through the waves
testing of one’s aching breath

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