Zero To Hero, a poem written by H.M. Gautsch at

Zero To Hero

Zero To Hero

written by: H.M. Gautsch



Looking back I can’t believe
I used to be the laughing stock
Just for the way I dressed
the terrible confidence
no matter who I asked out
rejection after rejection
I’d amount to nothing
so the popular thought

reflection after reflection
year after year
killing fear after fear
I’ve been working on myself
somewhere between zero to hero

who knew that is what I’d become
an influence to the masses
today, I got another message
another kindred spirit I would help
to drop the drugs,
to turn to sobriety
damn, what a story
a grand reminder of who I am

a domino effect
from one role model to the next
all it takes is one choice, one action
I’ve made something of myself
went from zero to hero

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