The Barrel Organ written by Rich at

The Barrel Organ

The Barrel Organ

written by: Rich



When the sky glowed on a Summer’s eve
A thousand coloured bulbs on a Greenwich village green
All the fun of the fair, Oh please take us there
Where you are the star, heard loud from afar

A sort of early computerisation
This perforated sheets of cardboard creation
A whole orchestra, A concerto of your own
Of clarinets of violins of flutes and trombones

You’re found at Skating rinks, pleasure gardens and piers
Accompanying sideshows and roundabouts
we hear …

“Roll up, roll up, hold tight take your seats”
Oo the mobile wonderland with its whistles and tweets
The cries of happy fair-goers mingling with your music
The roar of the rides jingling with the unique

After the war, you’re never heard of at all
But just a few notes can whisk us back
To an earlier simpler age …
Then you vanished as if by magic



The barrel organ is part of  ‘Carters’ travelling  Steam Fair.

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