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The Barrel Organ

written by: Rich



When the sky glowed on a Summer's eve
A thousand coloured bulbs on a Greenwich village green
All the fun of the fair, Oh please take us there
Where you are the star, heard loud from afar

A sort of early computerisation
This perforated sheets of cardboard creation
A whole orchestra, A concerto of your own
Of clarinets of violins of flutes and trombones

You're found at Skating rinks, pleasure gardens and piers
Accompanying sideshows and roundabouts
we hear ...

"Roll up, roll up, hold tight take your seats"
Oo the mobile wonderland with its whistles and tweets
The cries of happy fair-goers mingling with your music
The roar of the rides jingling with the unique

After the war, you're never heard of at all
But just a few notes can whisk us back
To an earlier simpler age ...
Then you vanished as if by magic



The barrel organ is part of  'Carters' travelling  Steam Fair.



I do the London 'Open mic' circuit having been writing for three years. I like to confront serious themes and try to explore reasons behind certain happenings.

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