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written by: Rich



Mayday mayday the call sign for distress
Why did we not see the signs
About who made this bloody mess

Say these youths have nothing to lose
There’s no light at the end of the trouble tunnel
Everyday spent in this manor knocked back by the reality hammer

No Bob a job The mob a job
No hope can’t cope dope a rope

Caught in a trap exist get pissed
The mind runs circles and then twists
The type are ripe for radicalization
Had their heads turned against their own nation
Republicanism had taken life
Altered Idealism Terror’s Rife

Enniskillen Omagh Warrington MANCHESTER

When you wore your device
Thought you’d see Paradise
Where you cried “INFIDEL”
Friends tend their garden for Nell
Mothers Fathers bereaved
Brothers Sisters aggrieved
The injured The maimed
All it does is rain
There’s no end to these tears
This grieving takes years
For the taking of our youth
We want some home truths

Hey you up there with your seventy two
so that’s what you were trying to do
And after all bet you say well they ended up talking to the I R A



The perpetrator and the fall out of the Ariana Grande’ concert bombing in Manchester England on May 22 last year.

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