Once Again, Liberia Bleeds, a poem by Ivan S. Fiske IV at Spillwords.com
Bethany Laird

Once Again, Liberia Bleeds

Once Again, Liberia Bleeds

written by: Ivan S. Fiske IV


on January 19, 2022, at night,
when darkness had made its way
to reside in the arms of the sky

instead of the holy spirit
somewhere in the jaws of New Kru Town
death forced himself into many bodies

bodies that went to dine with Christ
but got enveloped in the chest of death

post crusade. robbers invaded fraudulently.
fear hugged each heart
& many sailed their life to safety hurriedly.
unfortunately, it was another saddened event dressed in the garment of “RIP”
by the beautiful hands of the stampede.

once again,
darkness has brushed against
the face of Mama Liberia

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