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written by: Walid Boureghda


Still the image of your face,
A soft brightness of your grace,
Your delicate, dainty smile,
In such an updated style,
Is calling on my two eyes.

Still the sonnet of your voice,
The lyric words of your choice,
The spell of your body, yes,
In such a kind of finesse,
Is letting me in paradise.

Still the fairness of your heart,
A symphony of Mozart,
The comeliness of your soul,
In a tranquil, chatty stroll,
Is getting me out of lies

Still the quietness of your kiss,
A warm wish from my two lips,
The enchantment of their touch,
In that soothing way I long much,
On the whole, in no way dries.

Still the moonlight of our love,
A light of you, my white dove,
Stillness and freshness of you,
In such a pure fashion and new,
At any case never dies.

You are and still be my wife.
You’re everything in this life.
You’re my beloved, my friend.
We’re together, hand in hand,
At home, out of any strife.

My love will never expire.
We’ll stay forever on fire.
You and I, with one desire,
Will dwell in our own love shire.
Nice couple! How you will admire!

Always to the end of time,
We’ll stick to our mutual rime.

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