Litany for Lou, a poem by Ingrid Bruck at
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Litany for Lou

Litany for Lou

written by: Ingrid Bruck



Surviving one cancer, Lou got another.
Once after chemo, I asked her, How do you feel?
She said, Others have it much worse.

She didn’t do bitter, but wasn’t blind.
I upset some friends so much, they don’t ask me over.
You’d think my cancer’s contagious.

Her home was neighborhood central.
A neighbor kid, I trailed behind Lou.
I learned to bake, can and keep house from her.

Lou listened when I babbled like a bust water pipe.
When I think how I whined to her about my divorce,
I only shake my head now.

She called herself a survivor until the end.
A year later, my brother died.
Just like Lou would have done, we celebrated Kevin’s life.



How to die when you love your life – you can celebrate your blessings and count your gratitudes even when dying.

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