The Memories We Have Made, poetry by Elaine Marie at

The Memories We Have Made

The Memories We Have Made

written by: Elaine Marie



I don’t remember the moment I knew I was in love with you
But I remember the reasons why…
I recall that first butterfly moment of attraction
I remember our first kiss
I see your eyes, smoky and passionate in my arms
And I feel your touch
I may not remember everything we talk about
But I know your laugh by heart…
I know your sad and your happy and your teasing voice
Better than I know my own
No, I may not remember everything
But I can hear your heartbeat in my sleep
I can feel your soft breath in my hair
I can run my fingers along your skin
And hear your breath as you inhale even if you are not there
We are so much my conscious mind cannot hold it all
But in my subconscious… a scent, candle light, morning
Is filled with the memories we have made
I Love You

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