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The Last Stand

The Last Stand

written by: Luiz Syphre



I’m exiting the casino.  In here, everyone has ups and downs.  Some find their fortune with kings or queens, other players run out in tears as they would have no comfort from the loneliness of a table full of cards.  Poor lonely souls would never get their King or Queen.  There’s no place safe in this casino world.  Anyone can always lose fortunes to kings or queens.

Twice in my short life, Lady Luck smiled upon me on a corner, where I could always see the spinning roulette wheel.  In this game, the house walks hand-in-hand with Lady Luck.  Against me and my emptiness, they always win, there by the spinning, is where I play this game.

In the darkest of casino’s corner
I’d find my two now former
Their bright love for me glowed
A lighthouse beacon
sweet rays to me flowed

Shipwrecked upon the shores
As a sea of tears just roared
Lost the way to beacon’s light
Twice in life
upon a storm of tears my fight
Lady Luck, please hold me tight
One more time tonight
I need that light

I’m exiting the casino.  In here, everyone has ups and downs.  But these –  my Sweethearts, would be the summit of a mountainous life.  The casino’s biggest prize: to be loved! a prize more valuable than gold.  I won the pots there by the wheel, by the spinning of that roulette wheel.  Twice in life, I would enjoy that pot.  Walking the casino halls, I was ten feet tall, their elegance would fill with light the darkest corners of those stormy halls.

I kept their light
as long as I could ever do
my keeping not enough
Bright candles dimmed a blue
Lastly, I lost it all
all now is lost

for this one last bet I’ve got to make. Because yes!  I’m exiting the casino.  In here, everyone has ups and downs.

Baby Darling,
I beg you Lady luck,
hold me tight tonight!
You know my fight,
dusk to black night,
with love and heart,
Hold me that tight.

I’ve got this one last, life changing bet, and I’ve got to bet it all!  For I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Alas!  I’m exiting the casino.
lonely domain, this is my torture!
See what I conjure
You decide –  to live or die
Doubles chips, win a stay
Loose, wrist to a blade
Either way, I’ve got it made

Because yes!, I’m exiting the casino!

The roulette wheels spins and turns a red to black, a black to red, a yes to no, a live or die.  The white ball makes a slow descend, every second is a lifetime.  I place all my chips on-top the black square.  My head spins…

a red to black, a black to red
The ball slows to a crawl
yes to no
It bounces life or death
black to red

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