Today I Got Fat written by Emily Vieweg at

Today I Got Fat

Today I Got Fat

written and performed by: Emily Vieweg



I noticed jowls under my chin
girth between my shoulders
and no space between my thighs
or room on the chair for my purse

I wasn’t fat yesterday—even when I got the
full dessert at Applebee’s and steak with
shrimp and parmesan and a baked potato loaded
with bacon and sour cream and butter…

Overnight, from then to now, from there to here,
I got fat.
I judge myself with my eyes now—
when I used to just see me, now I see my outsides.

Where he always sees emotional strength I just notice my
weakness for diet soda and one more thin mint column.

I want to see through my son’s eyes –
the blue-green orbs rubber-cemented
to his laptop, only sometimes available for a chat or a meal

Or through my daugher’s eyes behind the golden shirley temple curls—
she squeals in glee when I return from work
and weeps when I leave—

but I just see fat.

That one sees stars in my eyes and sex in my hips—I turn him on
with a soft reveal of my neck.
Maybe it’s because I fill his arms that he sees stars…

I see crow’s feet and tears pooling
begging not to fall.

because I just feel fat.

Today I saw why when I was younger the guys never knocked at my door
or returned my calls—why my messages were always empty or just spam.

Today I feel beaten by my own vanity
the second sin of which I am guilty.

I see laugh lines and
crow’s feet and
toenail fungus and
fading tattoos and

Wait a minute!!

I have boobs.
full-size, that guys wish their slim gals had.

Real boobs
that flop to the right sometimes
when the swimsuit doesn’t quite
support just right.

kind boobs that smile through a lacey bra
and giggle when embraced into cleavage.

supple boobs nourished by Victoria’s Secret silky bliss.

and how about hips.
hips filling out the “curvy” jeans that stick-figures
wish they could wear.

Birthing hips
hips Ancient Greeks would love to grab
while making love in the grass in the rain just outside the city.

I have full hips.
hips that don’t need a belt.

happy hips that giggle as I parade in high heels, knowing this
is the time they can sway and seduce him.

I see my thickly thighs with
silvery threads shining in the mirror
these are the symbols of motherhood—

my badges of honor
making me fat.

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