Vultures written by Emily Vieweg at



written and performed by: Emily Vieweg



Feed on the flesh of the dead,
weak and injured –
or maybe they just think
their prey are dumb –
they do not realize
we know their game.

One is eyeing me right now
sizing me up—wondering what
I had for dinner and would I
satisfy his sweet tooth—
or would I just qualify
as an after-dinner mint?

I’ll take it—mints crack,
bring freshness and murder
the bile-filled beak.
Desserts are savored. Consumed
slowly, with precision—not for
my comfort—but the sweet lust
of the predator—

They act like cats—teasing me,
ignoring me, placing their drinks
on my table, forcing interaction
with their booze-filled essence.

Instead I look past them at
the hotel art on the wall—
playing the game
so I get out of here alive.

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