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written by: Lana Wesley



I don’t know if that’s possible
When was I so irresponsible
To give my soul to you and forget
To ask one day to give it back
Now I ask but all’s in vain
You use it perfectly with no shame
You know I’m still in love
Though you don’t see what is above
I felt I used to live this way but
When you suddenly appear and say that
You still remember all and keep
All about me it makes me weep
Who does suffer in this situation?
Because we all know your salvation
Putting a sharp needle into my heart
You will leave, again we’re apart!
What’s left for me? I’ll wait still
Keep dreaming and try to feel
Your touch every time I recall
Something about you, wake up in my soul
I just ask you: make a decision
Kill me or remain close in my vision!
Stay with me or leave forever!
I only ask you this first time in ever!

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