Expressions, a poem by Deesha Lathigara at
Damir Spanic



written by: Deesha Lathigara


Deep within the eyes of a dancer,
irises and poems bloom

On her cupped curled
kohl-lined eyelids, similies smile

On her eyelids, metaphors arch,
Waiting to flutter.

On her bosom’s electric- silk fabric,
Secret lyrics are bloused

Her limbs’ slender extension-tips
Decant arias, thumris sing, soar.

Her balletic grace, liquid-
She dances on water-always afloat

Even khusro and kabir-
Stunned, tongue-tied, searchingly

Compete to compose couplets
For her next movement

With wide-eyed pupils
She cajoles, seeking her lover

While hidden in the dancer’s heart
The beloved quietly resides.

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