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written by: Deesha Lathigara


Deep within the eyes of a dancer,
irises and poems bloom

On her cupped curled
kohl-lined eyelids, similies smile

On her eyelids, metaphors arch,
Waiting to flutter.

On her bosom’s electric- silk fabric,
Secret lyrics are bloused

Her limbs’ slender extension-tips
Decant arias, thumris sing, soar.

Her balletic grace, liquid-
She dances on water-always afloat

Even khusro and kabir-
Stunned, tongue-tied, searchingly

Compete to compose couplets
For her next movement

With wide-eyed pupils
She cajoles, seeking her lover

While hidden in the dancer’s heart
The beloved quietly resides.

Deesha Lathigara

Deesha Lathigara

Deesha Lathigara from Rajkot, Gujarat, India is a post graduate student of English literature. Her fondness towards English literature has led her to publish a few research papers and poetries in various universities and journals, national and international. While exploring her hands on interdisciplinary arenas she has actively inculcated interests in disciplines such as General Semantics, Film Studies and Indian English writings. She is a trained Kathak dancer possessing a master’s degree which is why she thrives to induce her literary experiments which her experiences.
Deesha Lathigara

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