Amethyst Bed, poetry by Angel Edwards at
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Amethyst Bed

Amethyst Bed

written by: Angel Edwards



child sleeps
an amethyst

she has no mouth
no lips to kiss

Four glass stairs
lead to the outside

her world ashine
under a half moon

topaz bushes

ancient fountain
in the centre
flowing water
a rainbow stream

she scoops some water
into her boneless hand

as she breathes in
the magic water

ghost friend jack
becomes visible

she attempts
as always in vain

always to his laughter

to embrace
to touch
she cannot

Jack is dressed up
like a king
crooked crown
velvet purple cloak

Jack has no eyes
his vision is wise

neither would fall in love
innocent child love only
best friends
child ghosts

Angel Edwards

Angel Edwards

Angel Edwards is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, published writer of three books of poetry. She has performed around Vancouver and Canada for the past 40 years as a singer songwriter solo guitar and voice. Her original music is folk pop rock with an undercurrent of blues and country. Long time member of BMI, SOCAN , AFM League of Canadian Poets. Her song "Save The Planet" was included on the benefit CD "Rock For America" track 10 Online Records NY NY 2001.
Angel Edwards

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