Something Beautiful, poetry written by Tola at

Something Beautiful

Something Beautiful

written by: Tola


Our hearts are molding words we dare not speak,
A single utter and we feel like we can’t breathe,
We show only a facade but there’s more to it,
Our eyes are slowly shutting as we decide to reminisce,
Back to every moment, we felt our feet sink,
And fragments of our souls tearing out in the open because we can’t speak,
The emptiness standing by a corner,
Stacking the little pieces, placing them into patterns,
Forming art at the expense of our smiles.

It gave it up the day we opened our minds,
One day at a time it returned each piece in little boxes labeled ‘life’
Each one placed in our hands,
We’re now to make our own designs,
Broken pieces find their way in, back home and we hold them down,

We look in amazement with blazing eyes, as we make ‘Something Beautiful’.

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