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O, Kenya!

written by: Dr. MOLLY JOSEPH


Oh Kenya! O, Kenya!, written by Dr. MOLLY JOSEPH at Spillwords.com
you gave me
magnificent moments...!

I melted into thy
genuine openness
innocent acceptance
and cheerful uproar...

We met our brethren
in earthly habitat
while Masai Mara stretched...
its ferny white grass
hoarding wild life to the full, safe
unintruded from public glare..
While BBC vans waited
long, afarO, Kenya!, written by Dr. MOLLY JOSEPH at Spillwords.com
to click a moment when
hordes waited near the river
to cross, when its leader
dared braving the moment
the crocodile pounced
and swallowed him up...

Oh, Kenya!
how mother nature survives,
following her own logic...
the folk communed
in their silent gaze
to us
how life can flow
in perfect sync, showing
how the zebra shared
space with buffaloes and goats
while after feed, lions
left the rest for others
and rested, while the doe eyed
sambars trotted free...

how I love
your landscape
so serene, pristine
fresh air, water,
raw roots and fibres
so organic and rich...
no wonder, they
look, so healthy, your
sons and daughters,
charmingly sexy,
earthy and full of life...

Dr Molly Joseph

Dr Molly Joseph

Dr. Molly Joseph had her specialization in Post War American Poetry (that of William Carlos Williams). She retired as HOD, Dept. of English, St.Xavier's College, Aluva, Kerala and now works as Professor Communicative English FISAT, Kerala. She has published five books of poems: Aching Melodies, Patridge Publications (2013); Autumn Leaves, Authors Press (2015); December Dews, Authors Press (2017); Myna's Musings, Authors Press (2017); Firefly Flickers (2018); and a novel: Hidumbi (2018).
Dr Molly Joseph

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