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In The Absence of God

In The Absence of God

written by: odonko-ba



The sound was deafening
The earth griped groaned and grumbled
Beneath their feet
Seconds of mobocracy
Followed by
An eerie silence of confusion
Shock and awe

The sun sat high unnerving
As the dust settled
Exposing the grotesque macabre
That is now their reality

Tear trickled traces speckled with blood seared
Upon muddled faces covered in soot
Stood surreal against the carnage
Unable to grasp what has happened
Trudges about in symbiotic aloofness

Slowly a crescendo of wails
A wretched affair
Sliced into the mid-day air
Sending chills to all within ear

Sirens heard from the distance
Approaches quickly
Adding to the cacophony of sound
An orchestra of pain
Reminiscent of
Dante’s Inferno
Rock rescuers to the core

strewn and dispensed
Lie unrecognizable
Young and old alike
For death does not discriminate

As neighbors extend helping hands
Black and white
Slowly the healing begins
We can breathe again
Live again
Trust again
For surely hate cannot be
Allowed to win

The outpouring of support was astronomical
The love felt was undeniable
People say I’m ideological
But love conquers hate
And that’s

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