Silence of Riots, poetry written by Andrea E. Lodge at

Silence of Riots

Silence of Riots

written by: Andrea E. Lodge


The cloth’s been cut,
And I’m sorry.
I’m breaking a promise today.
To you.
To me.
I’m too old.

Not exactly

Nothing to pick from,
Nothing to choose,
Not gonna die soon,
Nothing to lose.

Maybe invisibility
Is just a glitch in the matrix

My galleon is sinking
It’s beaten and bruised
No use.
Water pouring in,
Let me drown.

Somehow I doubt that oblivion is blue.
But I know there’s water there.

And like the stillness of the sea,
I am invisible.

So, come out and play today.
We will play ‘Real Life’
I’ll let my skin flake,
And show my imperfections.
Make-believe is just there
To deceive.

And there’s water everywhere.
Sopping wet and dragging on
I’ll sing you a song,
It’ll be off-key,
But that’s a part of me.

Sitting on the side of the pool,
Mom and Dad
I can cross the damn thing,
Swallowing chlorine sorrow as I go.
For even then, somehow I already did know.

I’ll choke to death,
In a broken-down sea,
Trapped in some broken-down vehicle,
Not meant for me to travel in,
And never meant to even be.

Andrea E. Lodge

Andrea E. Lodge

My name is Andrea Lodge and I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my boyfriend and my two, somewhat disabled cats. I graduated from Holy Family University with a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts. I studied Secondary Education/English and obtained my teaching certificate. After graduating, I taught middle and high school Writing and Literature for 6+ years. I now spend my days writing and creating visual art, mainly through painting. I consider my profession to be full-time Writer and have had several pieces published online and in print since April, 2019. I am set to have my first collection of poetry released shortly. I have experience writing educational and informational pieces, though my passion is in creative writing. My main focus has been in poetry for many years. However, I have also returned to my roots by writing fiction, something I did when I first started out. My strongest writing comes from things that are based on fact, so I have many pieces based on my own experiences that would be considered 'Creative Non-Fiction,' or 'Memoir.' I am currently making an attempt to write a manga.
Andrea E. Lodge

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