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To Believe

To Believe

written by: Andrea E. Lodge


For nobody
For nobody

I wish you were here.
I wish I could tell you
And this wouldn’t be
But if this wasn’t
I wouldn’t be here
And here is where I am
Supposed to always was


But we need each other

What’s there to notice,
between a tree
and a tree?
Who’s there to care?
I mean, really?

Everyone goes,
One way or another.
(I miss my gorgeous Mother)
People are people
No matter what you see
Always will be

Get your goodbyes out now
See ya doesn’t work
Because you won’t
Everybody knows
I know.

There are languages made of
things I didn’t write but
should’ve and I wish I had.
And things I’ll never say
but feel and they scare me
to the death lands of the
darkness of the darkest
places I’ve walked so far.

My head is evaporation
My tears are upwards,
in my chest of gray
And nothing will stay.
And nothing will stay away.
(Why did you even bother coming anyway?)
Stay away from me.
Fast as you can!
But never leave. . .

Andrea E. Lodge

Andrea E. Lodge

Andrea E. Lodge resides in Philadelphia with her husband and two disabled cats; Budgie, with only three legs, no tail and who is constantly drooling, and Loki, AKA Poki, AKA, Pokapotamus (because he weighs 20 pounds), a Scottish fold with only one folded ear. She studied English/Secondary Education at Holy Family University and taught middle and high school Writing and Literature after graduating. She is now a full-time Writer and something resembling an artist. She has had several poems featured on Spillwords, two pieces included in an anthology by Havik, several poems and some prose in different issues of Alien Buddha Press’ Feminist Agenda, The Alien Buddha’s Block Party: Blackout Poetry, Alien Buddha’s Zine #12 and Alien Buddha’s Zine #21, her poem, Screaming at Tiffany’s, was in the 12th issue of Voice of Eve magazine. She has also had some work featured in Danse Macabre’s Entrée DM 123 and DM 125: Fete de Noel. She has also been featured in the Winter edition of Soul Lit’s online ‘zine, 2019. As of late, Andrea has written reviews for the books Evocare (Ayo Gutierrez, Eileen Tabios, Brian Cain Aene) and The Tears I Never Told You (JinQue RD). Andrea has also edited The Tears I Never Told You and Are You Ready? (Ayo Gutierrez, Gigi D. Sunga, Ph.D.) She has most recently had her poetry featured in the anthology, Scentsibility, a book of poetry related to the senses.
Andrea E. Lodge

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