Tell My Daughter, poetry by Hawla Riza at

Tell My Daughter

Tell My Daughter

written by: Hawla Riza



Tell my daughter-
that she came bearing silver lines with woolen dreams,
and while others admired her coal black eyes,
I secretly smiled,
at the hints of defiance,
I saw in her eyes.

Tell my daughter-
that her raven shined curls, are simply magnificent,
and the first time she screamed the zeal of a three-year old,
I let it wash over me,
praying that her voice always carries.

Tell my daughter-
that her name stands for grit,
and when I call her Hajar, it reverberates,
with ringing bells and thunder roars, all at once.

Tell my daughter-
that my love for her is a fleeting meadow she must one day flee from,
fervently picking up scraps and pieces.
Even if I sob, she MUST go.

Tell my daughter-
that she must weave happiness, on her own woolen accords,
as I pray it’s as far-fetched,
as her neon colored gown.

Tell my daughter-
that she will one day sit,
pouring love from a broken crevice,
to her very own,
and be overwhelmed with forgiveness,
for me.

Tell my daughter-
that while I wipe all slates clean,
I refuse to forgive anyone,
who dare hurt her,
and that’s water under the bridge,
-I’ll drown in.

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