Summer Orgasm, poetry by Lali Tsipi Michaeli at
Alexandre Weiss

Summer Orgasm

Summer Orgasm

written by: Lali Michaeli

translated by: Gilad Padva


A Summer Morning

A sea, you, and me
You’re looking for your true self
And I point at the footprints I left behind
On the beach
You’re stepping back and I
Keep marking myself
In bright, lighter colors
At times which are merely mine
Making love with my lips for the sake of
Surrounding the world
by in and out circles


The Sea in You Impends to Drown Me as a Secret

My lips


Start It Over

Nothing is relevant
I am
I always face the sea
I wish to write like
A woman Jeremiah
A woman Isaya
A woman Kohelet
Nothing will scratch
The surface of Jonah who fought for his life
In the heart of the sea.
I am the dove.

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