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Lesson In Caring

Lesson in Caring

written by: Don Knowles



A lesson in caring

Each being believes

The world where they live

Pinnacle of their personality

Is precious and poignant

Depending on degrees

Of self righteousness

Or self degradation

No less important then all the others

No more important then their brothers

All equal in the knowing

That their heart beat counts for something

Striving for self survivals security

Through Misconstructed misconceptions maligning

Soothing words satiating are short lived

From a sympathetic source

Empathic since you’ve been there

No excuses for delayed reactions

When simple actions

Make all the difference

You share through the caring

You adjust and go fix what is broken

Changes come with collaborators

Stagnation assured when sentences are solely offered

They say the road to the gates of hell

Are paved with good intentions

They forgot to mention it’s a toll road

A pock marked superhighway

So pack the caravan securely

With humbled hesitations

Listen to then react to directions as if

You were the driver of the situation

You can take the wheel

You can be the guide

Moving swiftly towards a zenith

You can travel alone

Be part of a pack

But your words are hollowed out

With verbal attack

Do as you say do as you do

Examples are exhibited in enterprise

Not in pleasing pointless platitudes

I’ve said my peace

I’ve built the case

That caring is not just the sign

Of a frowning face

Attending actions

Sweat of brow

Lesson in caring

I’ve shown you how



On this Day of giving Thanks, the Spillwords Press Team proudly presents ‘Lesson In Caring’ by Don Knowles. Please join us in recognizing Don, our selection as the Humanitarian Poet of The Year 2016.

Don is a man who deeply believes in the power of caring and loving one’s fellow man. This is evident not only in his poetic inspirations but most importantly through his everyday actions and the charitable causes in which he is involved and for which he motivates others to get involved in, continuously striving to help those in need.

We celebrate the wonderful Don Knowles, a true humanitarian.

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