Casual Embrace written by Stanley Wilkin at

Casual Embrace

Casual Embrace

written by: Stanley Wilkin



Mutual embrace severed
Out of politeness, leg
Removed from leg we pulled
Apart desiring separation
In the afterglow.

An affair just begun
Is like a morning
After storms, the
Sun sliding through gaps in the
Ceremonious cloud,
Serene, reassuring and secretive.

It was not yet love,
Just lovemaking.
A curious investigation
Of a stranger, hardly known,
Of unspecified views, who
Has not yet freely spoken.

The routine had long ago been fixed,
Inconsequential phrases over coffee,
Denying breakfast, smiles
Without intent. Holding hands
At the door, a kiss,
And then the regretful goodbye.
A voice remembered as a sigh
A movement as pleasure,
No other memory but the callow scent
Of brief uncertain intimacy.

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