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Calligraphy Dance

Calligraphy Dance

written by: Tattered Words



In cover of shadow
She walks promptly

Center stage…

Her hallow ground, head bowed;
Reflecting in moment


The crowd dulls into silence
Her face calm, reflecting.


It is in this moment
She is always anxious


As she was trained
She took a breath


It is in this moment
She was ready

Music cues in…

Lights highlight her now
She becomes the pen, flowing

Her face, calm
Presenting her smile; while

Her limbs pounce and spin
As if ink flowed to paper

Calligraphy across the stage
Strength and grace transcribing

The crowd is in awe
She writes her story

Years of discipline
Practice, sweat and bad hair

Bloody toes and sore knees
Reassurance of parents after each meet

She had become the dancer
She knew she would be



This is for my daughters who have worked so very hard throughout their childhood with dance. Watching them as young adults I was amazed to what they have accomplished.

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