HAMLET, poetry written by Steven Fortune at Spillwords.com



written by: Steven Fortune


easily (and oddly
coherently) enraptures
the taste buds
with phonetic evocations
of cashmere
in the amphitheaters of
magnetic teeth

Melodic syllables
chaperone the exclusivity
of God and Darwin’s
Dueling Duo Century Club

And how rational
the rubber dolphin enthrallment
becomes there

Riding them
and the rubber
in the jubilee
of wet summers
and in cartoons absurding
the premise of a carnal
cleanliness and freshly trimmed
private parts

A human struggles to attune
to animal affiliations
in reprieve from the green
supervisions of Disney and Orwell

Humans have hearts
where and when
all the other animals have clocks

Only one exception
watered down to a manageable

Sometimes it is easier
and more rational
more coherent even
to annul the vows of poison
for the virgin ivy’s labial embrace

Maybe something else talks
Maybe then the human grows

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