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Cloud 9

Cloud 9

written by: Maria Dulce Leitão Reis


… And the wind was my friend,
my companion
and my lover.
He kissed my tears,
framed my smile
and made love to me.
It took me through unknown
and absolutely stunning corners.
It also took me,
to the most degraded places on the planet,
so that I was absolutely aware of reality.
Life is not just good things,
there are also a lot of bad things.
It is important to be informed and aware,
in order to find,
the best way to contribute.
We can all help
improve the place where we live.
Be it on a social level,
or on an environmental level.
If each one of us plants a flower…
We will make the world a beautiful garden.
Looking only at our navel,
is pure narcissism.
Who guarantees us,
that there are no navels
more beautiful than ours?

You need to open your eyes wide
and look at a 360° radius.
By helping others, we help ourselves.
The world is a gear.
Each of us is a tooth of the cog.
And we contribute to the cog to work well.
More dividends, more joy,
more health, more comfort,
more beauty, more well-being,
more peace, more happiness.

We are all here to be happy.
That’s what everyone says.
Each one wants their Nirvana
to attain a state of bliss
and we all know it’s true.
We all deserve to feel blessed.
We all deserve to be on top of the world.
Shall we battle for our cloud 9?
Guys come on!

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