The Moment of Clarity, poetry by Steven Fortune at
Luiz Rogerio Nunes

The Moment of Clarity

The Moment of Clarity

written by: Steven Fortune


Pardon the perplexities
entangling the truth
Verbal eccentricities
impoverished my youth

Hungry for a hearing ear
and thirsty for a voice
I grew up in league with fear
of an impending choice

Never could I quantify
the angles of a crowd
With a straight man’s alibi
my morals were endowed

My own voice my only friend
I overstepped my bounds
Threats of a licentious end
were thrown at foreign sounds

Vows of silence came and went
and all were ostracized
by a brooding wayward vent
on secrets I surmised

Secret misalignings of
reality and goals
Fluent tongues were ranked above
my words enrobed in holes

Holes of a colloquial
decay in the perceived
poesy written down for real
and of the voice relieved

To this day I’m patching gaps
of ruptures in my throat
circumventing a relapse
into a spoken bloat

Still I am inclined to gorge
on nervous dialect
Spare me if you find a forge
or dare me to correct

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