Her First Step, short story written by Rohini KB Reddy at Spillwords.com

Her First Step

Her First Step

written by: Rohini KB Reddy



She stood outside the gate, in the bright sunlight, smiling to the sun. Finally, she was a graduate.

“Hey! What are your plans for today? We are graduates now,” her friend asked her.

“Nothing so special, shall go home and show my degree to everyone,” she smiled.

As she entered her home, someone hugged her from the back.

“Mama, you are back. Congratulations to you lady, you are a graduate today,” her young daughter congratulated her.

“It’s all because of you honey,” she said. “Had you not persuaded and encouraged me, I would have never started to study and complete my graduation,” she wept on her daughter’s shoulder.

14 years back when her husband was brutally murdered, leaving her and their 10 years old daughter alone, she somehow managed to sustain their livelihoods by doing sundry works at everyone’s house and nearby surroundings. With no family member to support her, she was totally stranded with her daughter. But her courage to fight with the odds never came low and she could give a better future to her only daughter. The day her daughter came to know that her mother could not complete her fashion designing course because of early marriage and always wanted to become a designer, she invested her salary for her mother’s fashion designing course. And today at the age of 44 years, she was a graduate and ready to start a new life.

“Had papa would have been here, he would have been so proud of you mama to see you take your first step of new life,” her daughter said and both hugged each other with tears in their eyes.

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