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written by: Joseph K. Wells



when it flowed,
it f-l-o-w-e-d!

Warm, strong, controlled, commanding!
I could give it any shape I wanted.
I could even create music with it.
One beat, stop.
Two beat, stop.
One beat, stop- stop. Two beat, stop.
Two beat, stop- stop. One beat, stop.
Or, just let a free fall,
roaring like a hundred cymbals
all playing at once!

not quite at my will.
Uncontrolled at times.
Dribbling a little here,
a little there. A little
Sometimes, just ending
in a burning urge.
At times, I try.
I really try.
I look down.
Squeeze my eyes shut,
clench my teeth tight,
cramp my abs in,
even force a sweat out.
But sometimes,
it won’t.
It just won’t


It is my age.
It’s got to be.
It has to be.

I know.

Thoughts, words,
now just

Joseph K. Wells

Joseph K. Wells

Joseph K. Wells is a businessman, doctor of occupational therapy, part-time professor and a few wannabes from time to time. Since he began publishing in 2016, his poems have found a home in over a dozen journals and lit mags. A selection of his published works is available from PAPER ON WEB on WordPress.
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