The World's Spring-clean, a poem by Peg Prendeville at
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The World’s Spring-clean

The World’s Spring-clean

written by: Peg Prendeville


The world sighed and said it’s time
To clean this place it’s full of slime
It needs a spring-clean but who will do it?
Nobody listens. They care a hoot.
So he took a pen and a blank page
And vented his anger and his rage
Then suddenly he thought of Virus
Who said “I will clean it if you hire us.”
The world thought it’s a drastic plan
But maybe twill put some sense in Man.
“Damn it, Virus, we will try it
But don’t be too harsh, lets not destroy it.”
But Virus was not in a mood to hear
And tore though the place while spreading fear
The world watched on, this was not the plan
He did not want to kill any man.
But just as he was wondering what he’d do
He saw that things were changing too.
The skies were no longer smutty and grey
For people stayed at home each day.
And the rivers too were bright and clean
Even the people were less mean.
The fish returned to the seas
The birds sang happily on the trees.
There was less smoke from factories
For nations were on bended knees.
Pleading to all who cared at all
To play their part, be it big or small.
And in a while, though it caused some pain,
The world shone bright and clean again.

The world sighed and regretted the hurt
But was glad to be rid of so much dirt.

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