When Beauty is A Work of Art, poetry by Racheal Torty at Spillwords.com
Santiago Gomez

When Beauty is A Work of Art

When Beauty is a Work of Art

written by: Racheal Torty



He hides, shrinking back
The boy with the fair skin
He shrinks away like one hiding a blemish
Evidenced by the oddity of white in the sea of black

His friends at school say he’s an evil spirit
They learnt from the movies on television
They say he doesn’t belong in this world
After all, he’s not of their kind

The boy with the fair skin
He stands in the rain, hurting
Yet, the cold in the air is an amateur
To the cold of those moving past him with their umbrellas

The boy with the fair skin met her yesterday
The angel in the rain
She touched his face and stared into his eyes
‘Your eyes shame the stars, and your face makes the snow jealous.
God’s beautiful work of art, that’s what you are.’

He smiled and ran home
He stood in front of the big mirror in his Mama’s room
And touched his face just as she did
‘God’s beautiful work of art.’ He murmured
Just as the first of his teardrops hit the ground

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