Hamlet of The Moon, a poem by Vasiliki Petroudi at Spillwords.com
Pedro Américo (Hamlet’s Vision)

Hamlet of The Moon

Hamlet of The Moon

written by: Vasiliki Petroudi



I wonder how the night falls
is she hiding the sun
behind her mystic halls
how his light is undone?

Am I only to see the stars
are they really on the sky
are they heaven’s scars
or are they angel’s cry

Last night I had a dream
was it a dream or was it real
in my peaceful sleep a gleam
It was a haunting I feel

The phantom of the dimness
with a black dusky veil
abyss’s undeniable witness
profile blur and pale

On the vail were sewn
a thousand nightmares
not all of them unknown
I know what horror wears

Hold tight to the thread
the phantom not to lose
didn’t ask where he led
would I be able to choose?

Burning my tears dripped
familiar I was with the salute
“Remember me” he weeped
and then he remained mute

Sound of a dream he left behind
rest in peace my gentle king
your death’s revenge you’ll find
your greeting last song I’ll sing

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