The Date, a poem by Vasiliki Petroudi at
John William Waterhouse (Undine)

The Date

The Date

written by: Vasiliki Petroudi



Lilliputian Venus with the dour beauty
your white lace dress is torn up
and the peonies on your wreath are withered
You march on dead blackbirds
Your eyes reflecting the relentless sky
Your lips praise the expectation
but your heart is scared like a little sparrow
You abandoned reality to tryst your doom
You follow State Road 19
He is waiting for you on the banks of White River
He will not greet you with balmy kisses
He will not welcome you with silky caresses
He will love you with his dagger
and paint your white dress red
Leave you breathless among the grass
He will slowly steal your existence
while you will be listening to the splash of the water
and the rustling of the leaves

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