The Hands of Time, poetry by Benedict Hurley at
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The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time

written by: Benedict Hurley



With love for Jack, Abbie, Sam, and Conor


I can’t believe the time has come
I can’t believe how you have grown
The years have passed so quickly now
As the hands of time move on.
I know it’s time for you my love,
To step into this brave new world,
To see where you belong
And show how strong you have become.
I’m sorry but I must admit I’m finding this all so hard,
The thought of you heading off into the world
But I know I have to let you go and make a brand new start,
They say life is a big adventure
But sometimes you have to go alone
To really find your answer
To find where you belong,
So live each day with joy and love
As I share my hopes for you
I know you have the strength to make all of your dreams come true.
So I stand here in this doorway
Watching as you go
I can feel my heart breaking as tears begin to flow,
So walk on into your new life,
And keep learning as you go
But remember, always remember,
That I will always love you so.

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