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written by: Benedict Hurley



In a world full of sorrow and fear, it’s hard to find a balance. Trust is a big issue for many people, it is for me.

For a long time I trusted so many people only to have them turn on me and destroy my beliefs in the human spirit. I know there are and have been, times when my trust was well founded.

Sadly though, it’s the bad stuff that makes me sad and the stuff that happened comes at me when I least expect it or want it. Life is an interesting journey, up and down, over and out, mixed emotions and highs and lows. I could go on and on, but I won’t.

I’ll finish with this, I do believe trust is something that has to be earned and given from time to time. I will always offer a trusting hand to anyone who needs help. Don’t be afraid to take chances but remember to guard yourself.

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