You Tricked Me La La Land, a poem by Zoé Mahfouz at
Cedric Letsch

You Tricked Me La La Land

You Tricked Me La La Land

written by: Zoé Mahfouz


Stop coughing on me
I’m switching to business class
Who’se gonna stop me?

Forced luggage search
A.D.H.D waking up
That’s for birth control.

Kenyan Uber
Green card lottery winner
American dream.

Bedbugs everywhere
I think I caught a tapeworm
E.R, here I come.

Switching home again
Suspicious odors and stains
I stepped on a roach.

My landlord is death
His dog barking without fail
Guns should be legal.

Frozen food is king
Sure, here is my credit card
Bank account being hacked.

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