Optimistic Attitude, a poem by Hemu Aggarwal at Spillwords.com

Optimistic Attitude

Optimistic Attitude

written by: Hemu Aggarwal



I closed my eyes, and blood rushed to my head
What was so tense, so suspense, or was it something he said
The soft breeze of the early morning felt like rose petals caressing my soul
Now all gone in a split second, leaving a scar and taking a toll

I may scream and shout and kick and pinch or pull my hair
Or just look at it, wink at it, laugh at it, and ask why must I care
Fight with all my might, till my last breath doesn’t matter even if I fall
Or be meek, be modest like a tree that bends in a storm; stands tall

Observe nature, today soft breeze, tomorrow hurricane
Learn to deal with whatever comes my way: pleasure or pain
Stare at it, gaze at it, gape at it, or turn my sight away
The choice is mine, defy it, slam it, bash it or stand above the fray

To conquer a clash is not always so wise
Peace is within me and I must let it rise
Imagination will take me a thousand miles away
Flying on the wings of aplomb, I will follow the airway

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