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One Night at The Hospital

written by: Joy Moitra



It’s a pleasant night
And, there’s a nip in the air
Even though winter’s on its way back.
The hospital is full of sickness.
Sickness surrounded by hope.

The hospital looks different at night
Much different than it looks during the day
The hospital looks different because people are scared
People are scared of the night, of darkness
Darkness which promises to deepen.

Night has its own way
Of terrifying people
And most of the sickness
Thrives at night
If you haven’t seen a crippled night,
If you haven’t seen a sick night,
If you haven’t seen a terrifying night
Are you born yet?

Joy Moitra

Joy Moitra

Joy Moitra would like to introduce himself as someone who likes to juggle with words in his spare time. He loves playing with them and drawing word-pictures. He is a service-industry professional who lives in Kolkata with his wife, daughter and sister. His first book of short poems Fragments & Frames was launched at the Kolkata Book Fair on 8 February 2020.
Joy Moitra

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