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written by: James Gaygay


I will paint a picture
With the naked eyes, the image becomes a blur
Painted it will be of similes and metaphors
The masonite of your mind sees deeper than the eyes

I lied still in bed
The night came
The day succeeded the night
The sun yielded radiance unto the day; the moon shone bright upon the night

I pleasured not, the comfort from the bed
My king-size bed became a pool of worries
The pillow that laid under my head was filled with fear,
The one adjacent was stuffed with terror

I twisted then I turned: my heart was troubled
Birds chirped in the bright morning songs of courage
My ears were gratified
In the realm of my imaginations, I wondered about in a house filled with pieces of furniture, Beautiful curtains woven from high-quality Ghanaian fabric

Addicted I became to music
Shrouded behind bars and melodic were those intrusive thoughts
I hate to be worried
My mind is liberated from guilts– behavioural projection

But these thoughts kept coming back to me
Like echoes in the middle of nowhere
Yes, in a place where flesh of your flesh cares not
Behind your back, they paint you black, red than brown

Voices would travel miles away in the forest, they don’t get to come back
Sounds would make hundreds of strides in the dark,
They remember not the way they came
These thoughts never zip their mouths for a second

They invaded my privacy
My defence against them was as strong as wimpy
I would’ve rather been asleep than awake but I pleasured not the comfort from the bed
So I wondered about in my house in the realm of my imaginations

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