Beauty, a poem by Jose Wan Diaz at
Ralph Nas



written by: Jose Wan Diaz


Is there beauty
in a drop of water,
in the brief life
of a butterfly,
or the caresses
of a loving mother?

There’s beauty in the
pettiest of expressions.
Life’s lowliest things
can hide beauty within:
The sudden flight
of a ladybug,
the raspy tongue of a cat
licking the hand
that just fed it.

Beauty can sprout
out of ugliness:
An ivy growing out
of a rotting log,
the many hues
taken by the surface
of a barn door
gone unpainted
for a hundred years,
or the crystalline tears
of a child celebrating
his newly born brother.

Is there an end
to a list of things of beauty?
Perhaps as much as there is
an end to the variety of poetry,
or the depth of the universe.

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