Beneath The Rowan Tree, poetry written by Camille at

Beneath The Rowan Tree

Beneath The Rowan Tree

written by: Camille



Beneath its sacred branches, they dance.
Writhing with carefree rapture as they
Reclaim what they have lost.
Hands outstretched in readiness to release all that does not serve.
Reconnecting to Mother Earth,
Soft light from the fat full moon their only witness.
This gathering of beautiful and wild women,
Naked and euphoric.
United in the knowledge that although man may spill his seed within her secret depths,
It is only from woman’s wondrous cavern that new life springs forth.
She-wolf… Passionate and fierce… defender and protector.
Their lips move silently as they join as one in gratitude and realisation.
Finally Surrendering to the earth in weary slumber,
Enlightened and connected as night makes way for day.

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